Workshop – Community Outreach


A free workshop on the history and transformative nature of Chinese music is presented annually during Asian Heritage Month. Each workshop is themed and features live music demonstrations from different periods performed by the Vancouver Chinese Music Ensemble. This upcoming year,  Alan Lau will be discussing  Chinese opera. Two Chinese opera performers from the community will demonstrate different regional styles tracing the history and transformation of Chinese opera through interactive storytelling and musical excerpts.

At the end of the workshop, there will be a question-and-answer period for audiences. The audience will then have the opportunity to interact with the musicians and ask specific questions about the instruments and Chinese music in general.

Often, the workshop is located at the Vancouver Public Library due to its accessibility to audience members of all ages and backgrounds from across the Lower Mainland. Although this program is not a concert presentation, the content will be aimed at those interested in music, Chinese Instruments and Asian cultures. Look forward to a newly designed brochure on the history, geography and styles of Chinese music.

Current Brochure:
workshop brochure