Artstarts Showcase

Vancouver Chinese Music Ensemble at the Artstarts in Schools Showcase.
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Not only were they called back onstage for the curious audience, they were looking and sounding sharp 🙂
Great Showcase team! Time to book some shows!

Jirong Huang – Artistic Director
Guilian Liu – Ruan
Zhongxi Wu – Sunoa and Sheng
Qing Chang – Guzheng and Sanxian

Today our showcase will include excerpts from 4 pieces, taking us across China and demonstrating contrasting sounds from each region. Playing straight through four selections, the first is called Wonderful Flower Full Moon, depicting the Mid Autumn Moon Festival celebration in Beijing. Following will be a tune called Sky Mountain featuring the Sanxian playing a popular melody from Xinjiang. The third piece originates from the borders of northern china and Mongolia. It is called Horse Race where the erhu is transformed and used to tell mythical tales and perform ceremonies to tame horses. The final excerpt is from hai er bin called Red Dates to Relatives. This piece will allow our wind master to show off a range of joyous calls.