School Program

The Society hopes to introduce students to Chinese music and also nurture a better understanding of a culture that has such a presence in the lower mainland. The Ensemble’s primary educational goal is to introduce and encourage an appreciation for Chinese instruments, music, and culture. Students and young audiences will gain the knowledge of Chinese music through the distribution of various educational materials such as informational brochures and education packages.

These school programs are available to schools across the Lower Mainland. Teachers and students in primary/secondary schools, as well as at universities/colleges can benefit from this program by being able to diversifying the school board music curriculum through demonstrations and workshops.

Performed by a quartet composed of members of the Ensemble, the programs (repertoire) vary according to the instruments played. Appropriate pieces are chosen from a selection of the ensemble’s extensive repertoire, ranging from contemporary to traditional pieces, based on the desired level of the audience.  Each piece focuses on a specific cultural and musical context,  often highlighting an  instrument or historical reference relevant to the discussion. More information on the content and technical requirements is available on request. The group conducts workshops for both teachers and students as well.

Option 1.  Concert: This program showcases traditional and contemporary music on Chinese instruments.  The concert introduces students and teachers to Chinese music and culture through carefully selected pieces performed by four traditional Chinese instruments.




Option 2. Musical Improvisation: This program, “Music and Stories from China”,  is a musical comedy inspired by the legendary Monkey King (Sun Wukong). The music and sounds provided by three members of the ensemble accompany the stories, jokes, magic and mime provided by the storyteller/comedian Gerardo Avila.




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