Tony K.T. Leung – Composer

Tony K.T. Leung is a Toronto based composer whose music has been performed and broadcast in Australia, Belgium, Denmark, France, Hong Kong, Korea, Luxembourg, Ukraine, the USA and Canada by leading contemporary music ensembles. Recordings of works by the composer include CD releases from Luxembourg Sin fonietta, ERMMedia, and Canadian Electroacoustic Community. Born in Hong Kong, Tony discovered music through his first instrument, the erhu, and later the cello. As a youth, he arranged music for a Chinese orchestra, which sparked an early interest in western music and composition. From 1989 to 1992, the composer studied composition privately at the University of Toronto with Professor Chan Ka Nin. He receive further train ing through workshops in an array of music, Conductors Guild, Esprit Orchestra, National Arts Centre, Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra, and New Adventures in Sound Art. Other performers of his music include Vienna Saxophone Quartet, Motion Ensemble (New Brunswick), and Regina Symphony Orchestra. In 2003, his chamber music “Six Degrees of Separation” was selected as an ALEA III International Composition Competition finalist and played in con cert in Boston. In 2006, his orchestral work “In the begin ning” was released on the ERMMedia CD “Masterworks of the New Era,” Vol. 9, performed by Kiev Philharmonic.

梁家棟是多倫多本地的作曲家,他的音樂作品曾被現代著名的樂團演奏,並在澳洲、比利時、丹麥、法國、香港、韓國、盧森堡、烏克蘭、美國及加拿大播放錄音,其中包括有盧森堡小交響樂團、ERMMedia及加拿大電子原音音樂協會錄制的雷射唱片。梁家棟出生於香港,其音樂興趣始於二胡,及後的大提琴,年青時代,他為中樂團配樂,因而引起他對西方音樂及作曲的興趣。一九八九年至一九九二年其間,他跟隨多倫多大學陳嘉年教授學習作曲。之後他有機會在著名樂團中接收教練,包括有Arraymusic、指揮聯會、艾士必列特樂團、國際藝術中心及雷灣管絃樂團。他是加拿大作曲家聯盟會員,也是加拿大音樂中心作曲家。二○○二年他的室樂音樂作品在美國波士頓被選用在ALEA III國際作曲準決賽中。

Michael O’Neill – composer
Michael O’Neill is a composer and performer originally from the Shaganappi Escarpment area near the south bank of the Bow River in Calgary, Alberta. Following studies in music composition at the University of Calgary (B.Mus), and at the Conservatoire de Musique de Montréal (Concours d’Analyse), Michael moved to Vancouver (1982) to study with Martin Bartlett, Rudolf Komorous and Barry Truax at Simon Fraser University (MFA). Soon after arrival in Vancouver, he began composing a series of works for bagpipes, the most recent of which is Luffness, a collaboratively composed work for Mearingstone (his own ‘new music’ bagpipe ensemble) and Uzume Taiko. This work, and three others, will appear on Ontophony, a CD of his works for bagpipes and percussion, to be released in the spring of 2006 on Songlines Records. From 1986 to 1995 Michael was an active (and founding) member of the Vancouver Community Gamelan playing both Javanese gamelan (Gamelan Madu Sariand the chamber group Alligator Joy), and Balinese gender wayang (music which accompanies the shadow theatre). He is currently a member of Maja Gender, a gender wayang quartet that specializes in new music. His work Lessons of the Garden is included on Gamelan Madu Sari’s CD New Nectar. He has also written works for Silk Road Music, bass clarinetist Lori Freedman, Winnipeg’s Stirling Pipe Band, poet Sheri-D Wilson, Simon Fraser University Pipe Band, choreographers Crystal Pite and Karen Jamieson, and Toronto’s Evergreen Club Contemporary Gamelan. 

邁克.奧內爾 – 作曲家
邁克.奧內爾曾在卡加里地區從事作曲和演藝事業,在卡加里大學取得音樂學士,從赴蒙特利爾音樂學院研習,1982年移居溫哥華,並在Simon Fraser大學師從Martin Bartlett,Rudolf Komorous和BarryTruax繼續碩士學位的攻讀。在溫哥華,他開始大量創作風笛曲,並為他的個人風笛樂隊和UzumeTaiko創作了新曲Luffness。此曲連同其他三首曲子,亦被收錄于今春發行的個人CD中。1986-1995的十年間,邁克是溫哥華社區加麥蘭樂團的主要成員,現為Maja

Janet Danielson – Composer
Janet Danielson
 is a composer and music educator working in Vancouver, B. C. She holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in Music Composition from California Institute of the Arts and teaches sessionally at Simon Fraser University. Her works have been performed and broadcast nationally over CBC and internationally: Still Waters, for chamber ensemble, was featured at the Festival of the Pacific Rim in New York, andFlorescere for guitar was recently premiered at Donne in Musica, in Fiuggi, Italy.  Danielson is presently Chair of the Association of Canadian Women Composers, on the Board of Directors of the Canadian League of Composers, and an Associate Composer and voting member of the Canadian Music Centre.  As former President and Associate Artistic Director of Vancouver New Music, she organized the Symposium Sessions of the two Vancouver New Music International Festivals; curated programs such as A Gate into Infinity featuring Somei Satoh and other Pacific Rim composers, and Bang on a Can; and acted as Interim General Manager.  She is organizing Then, Now, Beyond, a Festival of Music by Women, for this coming September in Ottawa.

Danielson’s scholarly work has gained international recognition as well. The Asian Composers’ League invited her to their Festival/Conference to deliver a musicological paper, “Euclid’s Tunes: Melody and Perspective”, exploring the impact of musical geometry in the history of western art, science and technology.  Other recent scholarly papers include “Harmony, Syntax, and Projective Geometry in Gracia Baptista’s Conditor Alme (1557)”, delivered at Donne in Musica in Italy, and “Harmony, Syntax, and Ratio: ‘Western Culture’ from a Different Slant” delivered at the Society for Science and Literature conference at the University of Oklahoma.  She has also written a CD-Rom text, Basic Organization of Music, and is nearing completion of a Directory of Canadian Women Composers.

Recent creative projects include Wheels of Time, a work for large ensemble representing the 1990s in Vancouver New Music’s Countdown to the End of the Twentieth Century: The Odd Decades, and an opera. An excerpt of Mary of Nimmegen was presented at the recent Showcase of Canadian Opera, which Danielson administered and produced for Vancouver New Music Two of her recent works received multiple performances to packed houses in the last few months: her Sonata for viola and piano commissioned by Music in the Morning and Festival Canada 2000 was premiered last September, and her Greenlea Carol Overture by the Vancouver Symphony in December. 

Mark Armanini – Composer
Mark Armanini was raised and educated and lives in Vancouver.  He received two Jean Coulthard Scholarships for Composition in 1980 and 1981.  With a catalogue of over 40 works for choir, polo, voice, chamber and orchestral ensembles, Mark is building on his Vancouver roots.  In 1990, Mark began composing for various combinations of Western and Oriental instrumentation.  The delicacy, refinement and versatility of the Oriental instruments make a refreshing sound palette for Western ears.  This past summer, Mark, in partnership with pianist, Paul Plimley and the CBC Radio Orchestra, premiered an ‘improvised piano concerto’Fingertips to Freedom, at the Vancouver International Jazz Festival. More recently, he received a performance of his work,Scented Flowers, in Taipei, Taiwan as a featured composer in the Taiwan-Vancouver composer exchange program.  In December, Mark is looking forward to a premiere of a choral work, Christus Natus est, with the Laudate Singers and harpist, Heidi Krutzen and two songs written for singer Kate Hammett-Vaughan.



Jin (Jack ) Zhang was born in Beijing, China. He received his musical education at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing. He then travelled to Japan and studied at the Toho Gakuen School of Music in Tokyo, Japan.  Jin Zhang is an associate composer of the Canadian Music Centre and has received several commissioning grants from the Canada Council for the Arts.  Many of his compositions and arrangements have been played by professional and community groups, including the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, the Victoria Symphony Orchestra and the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.  He is currently the Music Director and Conductor of the Vancouver Philharmonic Orchestra, the New Westminster Symphony Orchestra, and the Vancouver Youth Symphony Intermediate Orchestra. He also conducts the Vancouver Inter Culture Orchestra. He is an artistic director of VBCm production. Recently he was appointed guest professor in the Yunnan Wenhua Conservatory for Arts in China.

張進出生於北京,曾就學於北京中央音樂學院指揮系從著名指揮家鄭小英教授、楊鴻年教授學習指揮,從徐源副教授學習作曲。後赴日本東京桐朋大學深造,先後師從部守弘教授及世界著名指揮家小澤征爾、秋山和慶學習指揮,並從日本著名作曲家三善晃學習作曲。張進於一九九零年底移居加拿大。現分別在溫哥華青年交響樂團,新西敏寺交響樂團擔任音樂總監及指揮,同時在西岸交響樂團,卑詩室內樂團擔任客席指揮。多年來曾與眾多的樂團,合唱團合作演出過許多像貝多芬、柴可夫斯基、肖斯塔科維奇、西貝流士等作曲家 的大型交響樂作品。並於一九九七年起應邀在庇詩中樂團擔任指揮,協助推廣中樂。作為作曲家,張進為音樂會、廣播電視及唱片公司創作和改編大量作品。其作品曾在中國全國音樂作品比賽和中央音樂學院音樂作品比賽中獲獎。他的作品曾在加拿大國家廣播公司、溫哥華電視台及溫哥華中文電台中播放。他的名字被收錄在由中國國家出版的《世界文化名人辭典》海外華人卷內。

Rui Shi Zhuo – Conductor and Composer
Rui Shi Zhuo is the principal of Canadian Conservatory of Music Vancouver and he is also a music director/conductor of Far East Broadcasting Company of Canada (FEBC); principal guest conductor of Vancouver Oratorio Society and conductor/composer-in residence of Vancouver Chinese Music Ensemble.

Before he came to Canada, he was a staff conductor of Shanghai National Orchestra after he graduated from the Conducting Department of Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Shanghai. With a 2-year full University Graduate Fellowship and 1 year Teaching Assistantship he has got his Master’s degree in music composition at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver.

On March 23, 24, 2001, he had successful conducted Vancouver New Music Ensemble (professional) to premiere the dancing work “ Gold, Maple & Dream ” in live performance at Vancouver Playhouse. And then he has signed contract as a music director working for FEBC to conduct the Music Drama – “ Go For Me To China ” for world premiere. It is a big scale multiple arts work with 4 – act and a 90 – minute duration. While the performing dates come, the Orchestra of FEBC (professional), the 100 mixed voices choir of Vancouver Oratorio Society, Vancouver Children’s Choir, Vocal Soloists (professional well-known concert singers), Vocal Quartet, Quintet, and Trio Groups will be working and performing together under his conducting in live performance and recording at Vancouver Orpheum Theatre on June 23,24, 2001.

On May 15th., 2000 Mr. Ray conducted the Pazardjek Symphony Orchestra of Bulgaria with great success. Last November, 1999 — Mr. Zhuo was voted as “The most popular conductor and the second place award winner ” by the West Bohemian Symphony Orchestra after he conducted his concert with the West Bohemian Symphony Orchestra in the 8th Marianske International Conducting Workshop in Marianske Lazne, Czech Republic.

Having published 8 musical CDs, as a conductor/composer in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Canada, he was a four-time winner of the compositional commission grants from Canada Council and BC Arts Council. He has also been commissioned to compose for Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, Vancouver New Music Society, and Vancouver Pro-Musica Society. His works have already been played by CBC Broadcasting Company crossing whole Canada.


Chris O’Neil – Composer

Chris began his percussion studies at Cambrian College in Sudbury, Ontario, where he held the position of Principal Percussion in the Sudbury    Symphony Orchestra for two years. While in Sudbury, Chris started accompanying modern dance for “Earthdancers”, which led him to compose music for percussion in collaboration with dancers from Toronto Dance Theatre.

Chris came to Vancouver to complete his Bachelor of Music in Performance Percussion at UBC, where he studied under Salvador Ferreras. In Vancouver, Chris played with Okanagan Symphony, the Burnaby Symphony and the Vancouver Island Symphony. He continues to accompany modern dance at Arts Umbrella, Harbour Dance and the Dance Centre. He has also become an integral part of Vancouver’s African drum community where he has performed with Fana Soro’s “Massabo Culture Club” and plays the djembe solo in Fana’s African dance classes. Chris was also invited to play djembe at the World Rhythm Festival in Seattle with Pepe Danza and the Rhythm Fools. Chris also plays percussion for Pepe Danza’s Latin Jazz Band, El Sur. Currently Chris is a key performer at the Drum Café.

基斯.奧尼爾 — 打擊樂
基斯於安大略省Sudbury的CambrianCollege開始學習打擊樂。在這期間,他曾擔任Sudbury交響樂團的首席打擊樂手兩年,亦為現代舞蹈團體Earthdancers伴奏,更為多倫多舞蹈劇院寫作打擊樂曲。基斯移居溫哥華後於卑詩大學完成他的音樂學士學位,師事佛拉羅士(SalvadorFerreras)。自抵溫市,基斯一直為不同的現代舞蹈團伴奏,亦曾代表Okanagan交響樂團、本拿比交響樂團及溫哥華島交響樂團演出。身為非洲鼓團體的成員,基斯曾接受西雅圖世界打擊樂節的邀請去表演非洲鼓樂。基斯亦是國際鼓樂團體Drum Café 的主要成員之一。

Nai Chung Kuan – Composer


Born in Beijing in 1939, Kuan received stringent training from his father Zixiang Kuan, a well-known violinist at the time as well as from German pianist Professor Kubelik. Kuan graduated from the Central Conservatory of Music in 1961 with a major in Composition.

Kuan has been conductor and resident composer of many art groups in China, and between 1986 and 1990, he worked as the Music Director of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra. In 1990, Kuan moved to Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and took up the conductorship of the Kaohsiung City Chinese Orchestra. He also performed and recorded with various orchestras including the Central Philharmonic Orchestra, the China Central Ensemble of National Music, the Taiwan Symphony Orchestra, and the Hong Kong Sinfonietta.

After immigrating to Canada in 1994, Kuan continued his career in music composition. His original compositions total more than a hundred, including three symphonies, 16 concertos, 15 orchestral works, three compositions for choir and orchestra, and numerous ensemble works, adaptations of ancient tunes and folk music. There are more than 40 recordings that feature his compositions and arrangements. His recent works include Love in Kaohsiung for Choir and Orchestra, Ten Xinjiang Folk Songs, Folk Song for Piano and Chinese Orchestra, and Symphonic Picture the Peacock.

關迺忠 — 作曲家