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Selected Repertoire

A Natural World (2009), Rui Shi Zhuo*

Wandering Wind(2008), Tony K.T Leung*

Un Canadien Errant (2007), John Oliver*

Consensus* (2007), John Oliver*

Nine Steps to Heaven (2007), Mark Armanini*

Stark Raving (2007), John Korsrud*

Intarsia  (2006), Jacqueline Leggatt*

Impromptu (2006), Kang Nian Tang*

Cormorants (2005), Lisa Miller*

Hou Yi Shot  the Suns (2004), Jin Zhang*

Essence of a Feather Floating* (2003), Jon Siddall*

Tracing (2003), Jin Zhang*

Young Men of Asi Dancing in the Moonlight (2002), Nai Chung Kuan*

Awakening* (2001), Jin Zhang*

Adagio 40 (2001), Rui Shi Zhuo*

Yao (The Dream of Yesterday, Here and Today)* (1999), Rui Shi Zhuo*

Ling* (1999), Rui Shi Zhuo*

Gu* (1995), Rui Shi Zhuo*

Transplanted Purple Bamboo, Ji Rong Huang*

In Bamboo Village, Jin Zhang*

A Song From A Far Away Place, Yong Sun*

A Song from Mongolia, Vivian Xia*

Ambush from All Sides, Ancient Melody

Herdsman’s Song, Guang Yi Jian

Spring at Tian Shan, Deng Tiao Hu

Birds Echo in Silent Mountains, Tian Hua Liu

* – indicates that a composer/arranger is Canadian, or that a work was commissioned with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts