World Harp Congress

Presented by Hyson International Cultural Foundation and VBC Music Production, the World Harp Congress will feature an appearance by the Hong Yun Konghou Ensemble. Konghou is an ancient Chinese instrument but newly developed and recently recognized internationally.

July 29, 2011 7:30pm
Vancouver Academy of Music
1270 Chestnut Street Vancouver, BC

Info: 604 728 0911| Email:


Hong Yun Konghou Ensemble and Zhao Guangyun

Zhao Guangyun is a professor in Shen Yang Conservatory of Music, founder of Hongyun Konghou Ensemble; standing director of Musical Instrument Developing Commission of Chinese Folk Orchestra Society; vice chairman of Konghou Division Committee. Professor Zhao produced the first double-stringed Konghou in 1984. He won provincial prize for his achievement in science and technology 3 times and got 9 national patents. His name and scientific results were selected by Dictionary of Contemporary Inventors. Through years of artistic practice and improvement, he produced Konghou in many different shapes and structures. He established Hong Yun Konghou Ensemble in 2004. The ensemble mainly formed by the teachers and students in konghou major in the conservatory.


赵广云是沈阳音乐学院乐器工艺系主任、教授、硕士导师;弘韵箜篌乐团创始人、团长;中国民族管弦乐协会乐器改革委员会常务理事;箜篌专业委员会常务副会长。1984 年成功研制出中国第一台双排弦全转调箜篌。曾三次获得部省级科技成果奖,取得了九项国家专利。他的名字及研制成果入选《当代发明家大辞典》。他在多年的艺术实践中不断改革完善,研制出不同形制结构的箜篌,为箜篌的普及教学起到了积极的推动作用。2004 年他创立的弘韵箜篌乐团。乐团演奏员主要有在校箜篌专业教师及学生。

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